Hackathon Sleep: About Mercendarbe Manor

Mercendarbe Manor, Baldone, Latvia

About Mercendarbe Manor

The n*soria hackathon 2018 will take place at the Mercendarbe Manor (lv: Mercendarbes muiža, de: Schloß Merzendorf) in Baldone. It is located right next to Riga, the capital of Latvia, in the historical region of Zemgale.

The manor house has room for 30 guests, who can choose from apartments in the north and south wing of the building. The accommodation provides bathrooms, meeting rooms, a kitchen and even a full pension including breakfast, lunch and dinner. Surrounding Manor Park has a recreational area and a pond for swimming. The ambiance is idyllic and restful thanks to the meadows, forests and creek that lie within a few hundred meters. The Mercendarbe Manor provides an great environment to work creatively on projects without any disturbance.


Mercendarbes muiža, Baldone
Baldones lauku teritorija, LV-2125

Tel.: +371 29 545 201

Mercendarbe Manor Front
Mercendarbe Manor Spring
Mercendarbe Manor Balcony
Mercendarbe Manor Bedroom
Mercendarbe Manor Inside
Mercendarbe Manor Kitchen

image source: merzendorf.com