Hackathon Projects: What will we do at the n*soria Hackathon?

The n*soria hackathon is focused on the topics of quantified self, smart apps and fitness & health, incorperating the latest possibilities, tracking devices and sensor technology. During the two week n*soria hackathon various workshops and expert lectures related to programming, project management, user experience / interface design and (online) marketing will support participants to further boost the learning progress and enhance the project’s probability of market success.

Closeup Smart Bike Computer at Hackathon 2015

Hackathon Projects: n*soria hackathon 2018

The projects for the upcoming n*soria hackathon will be announced as soon as possible. Projects provided by our Hackathon sponsors for the last years can be seen below.

See which downloads and resources you might need to work at these projects

Closeup Smart Bike Computer at Hackathon 2015

Hackathon Projects: n*soria hackathon 2017

Last years projects rangend from fitness trackers to smart storage solutions. Exergames were also a big part of the hacktahon.

Project Cloudbox

by Bito Lagertechnik - Smart Storage Containers

Obtaining information about the contents and static as well as variable data of a reusable transport containers and make it retrievable and usable via a cloud database.

Project Get the Box

by Bito Lagertechnik - Smart Storage Solution

Containers with NFC and WiFi to determine their contents and position within the warehouse in order to accelerate sorting as well as searching.

Project Exergame

by Sigma Sport - Exergame

Development of an exergame which uses portable sensors to capture the player's activity and transfer it into the game.

Project Fitness to the Max

by Garmin - Fitness App

Use Garmin's API to extract fitness data from multiple fitness devices, combine them and display to complete picture of the activity

Project The Challenge

by Garmin - Fitness Challenge Portal

Development of an online portal to compare and view fitness data from every participating athlete, who then can challenge each other.

Smart storage solution prototype

Hackathon Projects: n*soria hackathon 2016

Participating teams at the 2016 n*soria hackathon developed software / apps for BITO-Lagertechnik to make their storage solution smater and more efficient with the help of sensors

Project n*soriahestia

by Bito - Smart Storage Container

Design of smart storage container for fully automated storage solutions with integrated sensors, environmental awareness, tracking features, logistics application and cloud connectivity.
Applications for these smart storage containers are: logistics and documentation; tracking and monitoring; live-View of product‘s condition, lecognition of limit overstepping

Closeup Smart Bike Computer at Hackathon 2015

Hackathon Projects: n*soria hackathon 2015

Participating teams at the 2015 n*soria hackathon developed software / apps for Canyon Bikes’ smart bike computer as well as a cycling power meter that takes different levels and stages of cyclist’s effort into consideration. For details on the results of the team’s work, check out the Presentation!
Smart Bike Computer Presentation

Project n*soriahermes

by Canyon - Smart Bike Computer

Design & Implementation of Canyon cobranded Android Wear bike app, covering core navigation, mapping, and biking features.

Canyon Bikes Logo

Please note: Canyon® is a registered trademark of Canyon Bicycles GMBH.

How are the Hackathon Projects set up?

Hardware and demonstration material will be provided at the Hackathon location. An adapter and laptop together with charging cable should be brought along.

Participants work together in teams during the workshops and the projects, these teams can be formed before the event but usually groups find themselves on the first day of the event.

Group working an Project n*soria hackathon

The event relies on agile development methods within a constrained timeframe, but allows time and freedom to enjoy the scenery in the spare time.

Hackathon Projects of the past few years included:

  • Applications and interaction design for the area of fitness and health

  • Development of analytical solutions and algorithms for the training analysis of amateurs and professional athletes

  • Programming of sensors and hardwareinterfaces

  • Programming of fitness equipment and wearables

Which programming languages ​​and platforms at the Hackathon Projects?

The hackathon is focusing on mobile application for Google’s Android operating system, addressing the specific requirements of wearables, smartwatches, fitness trackers and other devices. Code is primarily developed in Android Studio with Java.

Wearable as one of many project of n*soria hackathon 2018

Of course, everything from Java, C, C #, Ruby, SQL to Whitespace is possible as long as it works