Hackathon Activities: What happens during the Hackathon free time?


The Nativity of Christ Cathedral is located in Riga, the capital of Latvia and was built in a Neo-Byzantine style between 1876 and 1883. It is the largest Orthodox church in Riga which has resisted during the Soviet-era. At that time the cathedral was used as a planetarium and restaurant but has now become a sacral building again.

The Cathedral was built in 1876 and opened on October 28, 1884. In 1990 they began the restauration of the building which is still going on and supported by public donations.

Hackathon Acticities Cathedral
Hackathon Acticities Freedom Monument

Hackathon Activites: FREEDOM MONUMENT RIGA

The Freedom Monument in Riga is a memorial for the soldiers that fought for the Latvian Independence in 1918 until 1920. The 42-metre high statue made out of granite, travertine and copper was unveiled in 1935 and is located at the Brīvības bulvāris (engl. Freedom Boulevard)

Hackathon Activites: RIGA MOTOR MUSEUM

You can visit the largest antique vehicle museum in the Baltic countries during your visit at Riga. The museum not only tells the stories of many antique cars but also features a café and sports club.

Hackathon Acticities Museum

Hackathon Activites: RIGA ZOO

Daily opened from 10am to 6pm The Riga Zoo located at the Mežaparks is one of the top tourist destinations in the capital of Latvia. You can see more than 4000 animals of nearly 500 species. Children only have to pay 4€ and there are lots of discounts available on their website so make sure to take a look at it, it's right down below!

Hackathon Activites: LOWER LAKE BALDONE

The Lower Lake (Latv. Lejas ezers) is located right next to the Riga Hackathon accommodation Mercendarbe Manor and is easily accessible on foot. A beautiful medium sized lake with a grill area is the best destination to relax and enjoy the warm Latvian weather.

Hackathon Acticities Lake Baldone
Hackathon Acticities military graves


All around Baldone you can find different military graves especially from the German-Russian fights during the First World War but also from Latvian soldiers that fell during World War 2. The Baldone churchyard contains a plot with the graves of three Soviet senior officers who fell in 1944. You can find a list and map of them at the following link.

Hackathon Activites: BALDONE OBSERVATORY

Another Point of Interest around Baldone is the Astrophysical Observatory. It owns one of the 12 largest Schmidt telescopes worldwide and is operating since 1966. Unfortunately you can not visit the Observatory.

Hackathon Acticities Baldone